Inquesta Division
Kanji Translation 探偵学部
Romanji Translation Tantei Gaxubu
Undergradutate Programs Inquesta (探偵科)
Repier (鑑識科)
Region Global
Overview Inquesta
  • Advanced research methodology
  • High analysis of the crime scene
  • Adaptation to external affairs for future info


  • Analysis of complicated evidence
  • Knowledge of all Science and IT subjects
  • Evaluation of the crime scene
List of Attendants
Instructor Yutori Takamagahara (Inquesta)
Members Inquesta


The Inquesta Division (探偵学部 Tantei Gaxubu?) emphasizes on criminal investigation. Compared to Assault, the opportunity of firearms usage is relatively low.

Inquesta (探偵科) Edit

The major course focusing of putting students in charge of investigation in applying detective and reasoning skill to analyze information. A high percentage of those in the department to take quests more, mostly involved with missing persons to lost pets.

Repier (鑑識科) Edit

The minor course that deals with scientific forensics and using scientific devices to search for clues in crime scenes. Its to study of trace-personal effects of accidents and crimes, etc. This department a high cooperation rate with its fellow Inquesta course than other divisions can share.

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