Hotogi jinjya

The Hotogi Shrine (星伽神社 Hotogi Jinjya?) is one of the sub-locations of the Hidan no Aria world, and Shirayuki Hotogi primary household. Survived for many generations, it is a Shinto shrine that worships the ancient Yamataikoku shaman queen, Himiko. The Hotogi family traditionalise their watch of training their psychic shrine maidens, or referred as Armed Shrine Maidens (武装巫女 Busou Miko?).

But underneath, the shrine is also the Japanese government's hidden association to counter against the Hihikami (緋緋神?) if reborn in this world. The shrine maidens who safekeep the Irokane are titled as Himiko (緋巫女?) whose honour to carry the burden is equivalent as the shaman queen herself. AS another subsequence, they also forged 7 special shells to neutralise the god's power called the Karagane Shichisei (殻金七星(カラガネシチセイ)?).

The Shrines place restirctions on outsiders especially men, who are strictly prohibited. According to Kinji, however, he and other men of the Tohyama bloodline are allowed entrance and are treated with high regard. Wether or not this is because the Hotogi are aware that the Tohyama possess Hysteria Savant Syndrome is unknown. 

While the main shrine outskirts of Aomori, it also has other branches in most remote locations in Japan to gather information of the Irokane.

Known LocationsEdit

  • Aomori Shirne (Main)
  • Tokyo Shrine
  • Kyoto Shrine
  • Osaka Shrine
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