Hina Fuuma (風魔 陽菜 Fuuma Hina) is Kinji's amica. A Lezzad freshman, enrolled in class 1-C. She is rumored to be a descendant of a famous ninja lineage, presumably Fuma Kotaro.


Fuuma has long black hair and ties it up in a pony tail with a white ribbon. She also wears a long muffler around the neck, a fundoshi for underwear, and appears in traditional ninja garb.

Personality Edit

During battle Fuuma shown to be formidable, but outside of battle she's a bit ditsy and easy to fool. An example of this was during Volume 10 when Kinji fell on top of her after pulling her out of hole she dug and manage to trick into thinking it was training.


Back in middle school, she and Kinji had a practice spar before. At that time, Kinji was coincidentally in Hysteria Mode and had subdued Fuuma like a kid. Ever since then, she holds a huge respect to Kinji, and calls Kinji "Master". Due to poverty, she works part-time a lot, in which she refers to as "training", in order to pay for her tuition as well as for subsistence. In Hidan no Aria AA, she and Kinji are Amica (Hidan no Aria Novel: Volume 10, chapter 3).


  • She works at Shintojyou, a ramen shop, as a waitress. 
  • In Episode 10 of the main series, she makes a cameo appearance in the changing room scene.
  • According to Kinji in Volume 10, Fuuma sings beautifully.
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