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Anime AA| Episode 12: A Pair of A's
Sumimitsutou has entered the fray in an attempt to free her sister Kyouchikytou! Can Akari Mamiya and Aria H. Kanzaki take down Sumimitsutou and her mech?
Manga | Chapter 64: Butei and Detective
With Kinji's ploy to incapacitate Sherlock failing, he's now left with one last option; fight against he world's greatest detective. Can Kinji stand toe-to-toe against the world's most brilliant mind and escape IU with Aria?
Light Novels | Volume 7: Waltz of Wind and Fire -Castling Turn-
Following Reki's injury, Kinji successfully managed to flee from Koko with the aid of Shirayuki. As the Butei students return from their trip, Koko high jacks the train so it's up to Kinji and Aria to stop Koko's plans. However they soon learn where they see one Koko, Koko sees three...
Character Feature: L.L. Watson
Hidan no Aria Volume 8 Cover
The fourth generation descendant of John Watson, companion to the legendary Sherlock Holmes. Skilled in combat, an Inquesta ace, and a talented Doctor, she's an exceptionally talented Butei.
Armament Feature: Barrett M82
An extraordinarily powerful anti-material sniper rifle developed by the United States. Using .50 BMG rounds, it is capable of shredding through lightly armored vehicles or building walls never mind a human target. Reki has become very acquainted with using this monstrous rifle.


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