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Anime AA| Episode 12: A Pair of A's
Sumimitsutou has entered the fray in an attempt to free her sister Chikutou Kyou! Can Akari Mamiya and Aria H. Kanzaki take down Sumimitsutou and her mech?
Manga | Chapter 47: Kana (Temp. name)
Kinji's nightmare has come true. Not only did Kana return asking him to kill Aria, but also Kana has arrived at Butei high and is attacking Aria! Can Kinji unite with Aria to stand against his older brother or will Aria meet her end?
Light Novels | Volume 7: Waltz of Wind and Fire -Castling Turn-
Following Reki getting wounded, Kinji successfully managed to flee from Koko with the aid of Shirayuki. As the butei students return from their trip, Koko high jacks the train so it's up to Kinji and Aria to stop Koko's plans. However they soon learn where they see one Koko, Koko sees three...
Character Feature: Fuuma Hina
The aloof and quiet Lezzad ninja. As the amica of Kinji Tohyama, she's often sent on information gathering assignments. In combat, however, she wields the might and genius of the Fuuma clan.
Armament Feature: Jonathan Number 3
A harmless stuffed giraffe constantly held by Kirin Shima. However upon closer inspection, something is indeed off about it. Ranging from a purse carrying a Colt Python Revolver to dispensing incapacitating gas, it's hard to say what it is exactly.


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