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Recent Light Novel Volume

Hidan no Aria Volume 30 Cover

Volume 30 - Chasing the Melancholy

Chasing the Melancholy is the thirtieth volume of the Hidan no Aria novel series released on December 25, 2018. This novel continues the N arc.

Recent Manga Volume

Aria SW manga vol2

Aria the Scarlet Ammo Spark Out II

Aria the Scarlet Ammo Spark Out II is the second volume of the Shiden's Witch manga series based on the Hidan no Aria series released on August 23, 2018. This volume is based on the events of Volume VIII of the light novel series and contains chapters 7-12.

Aa manga vol14

Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA Final Volume

Aria the Scarlet Ammo AA XIX is the fourteenth and final volume of the Hidan no Aria AA series released on August 23, 2018. This volume contains chapters 101-Final.

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Light Novel VII
Jeanne d'Arc
Jeanne d'Arc is a former member of IU and current female student at Tokyo Butei High School. While she was part of the IU, Jeanne used the name “Durandal” and tried to kidnap Shirayuki Hotogi and force her to join the organization until she was defeated by the combined efforts of Aria H. Kanzaki, Kinji Tohyama, and Shirayuki Hotogi. After Jeanne’s defeat, she joined Butei High as a foreign exchange student from Paris as part her plea bargain, where she is enrolled in Informa. During the course of the series, Jeanne helps out Kinji and the rest of the girls with intelligence as well as personal matters like giving Kinji advice when it comes to girls. However, Jeanne can be an airhead in the way she releases sensitive information at the wrong time, possibly due to her sheltered upbringing. Also, Jeanne is one of the few people that knows Kinji's HSS abilities and has gained romantic feelings for him throughout the course of the series.

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