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This Wikia site is about the light novel series Hidan no Aria and related media.
Anime | Episode 12: Vlad
After the success of stealing the rosary, Riko betrays Aria and Kinji, only to be found by Sayanaki and being beaten up by him, when he triggered HSS, he transformed into Vlad and began to fight with Aria and Kinji...
Manga | Chapter 13: The Battle
Kinji saves Aria, who got shot by Riko, and kisses her in order to activate Hysteria Mode. Working together, Kinji and Aria declare the arrest of Lupin IV.
Light Novels | Volume 7: Waltz of Wind and Fire -Castling Turn-
After Reki was shot by Koko, Kinji manages to escape with her. Shirayuki and Kazayuki arrive to their aid with the Hotogi miko's supporting...
Character Feature: Reki
The mysterious Snipe's S-rank Butei. She may be quiet, cold, calm and collected. Seemingly like a robot. What is it that lies within her sealed heart...
Armament Feature: Dragunov Sniper Rifle
Reki's favorite and traditional weapon. Her SVD can go from range to melee, because it can be used like a Bayonet. She is always seen with her SVD, and she sleeps with the SVD too. Haimaki is the name of his Silver Wolf and is her companion, she trained him as a Butei Dog.


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