Tsuzuri takes the group (Kinji,Aria,Jeannne,Reki,Riko,Shirayuki & Muuto) to a bathhouse training facility; on the way there they notice the bus is surrounded by a mysterious fog. Upon arriving Tsuzuri engages in combat with a mysterious woman who turns out to by the owner of the bathhouse, despite a young appearance Tsuzuri advises that the woman is actually 60 years old. Tsuzuri announces training will be tommorow so the group enjoys relaxing and enjoying the hot springs. The girls compare breast size's leaving Aria quiet envious and angry. Muuto attempts to peep on the girls but gets busted by the owner of the bathhouse who advises she was once a ninja. After they return to their rooms , the image pans to a creepy young boy peeking at the girls leaving, in the room they notice Jeanne is missing and everyone search's for her. They find her stuck in a pose and she was unaware and had a blank memory. A Similar situation happens to muuto. While originally suspecting the teacher and the landlady they are also targeted. The boy appears infront of the group who pursue the boy Kinji and Aria get seperated from the rest of the group chasing him into a endless hallway of doors to they get to a room full of demonic sounding cries and images; a demonic hand opens the door and begins reaching. The two pass out. The group all wake up again in the bus before they arrived at the inn like it was a dream, while slightly different events happen (e.g other guests); They remembered true things that they shouldn't of known. The episode ends showing that the boy is still there and the events will repeat again.

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  • Seems to reference the japanse movie the grudge

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  • Bathhouse


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  • Who is the boy
  • Will the group ever escpae