Hidan no Aria Original Soundtrack (TVアニメーション「緋弾のアリア」オリジナルサウンドトラック) is a soundtrack album containing the background music from the anime adaptation of Hidan no Aria.

Hidan no Aria Original Sound Track Cover

Album Information Edit

  • Release Date: 22 June 2011
  • Published By: Flying DOG (distributed by Victor Entertainment)
  • Release Price: ¥3,045

Tracklist Edit

  1. Incident Outbreak (事件勃発)
  2. Scarlet Ballet (TV-SIZE MIX) (Scarlet Ballet (TV-SIZE MIX))
  3. Peaceful Morning (平和な朝)
  4. Second-Year From Today On (今日から二年生)
  5. Reckless Segway (暴走セグウェイ)
  6. Forbidden! (禁止!)
  7. Restart Shootout (銃撃再開)
  8. Hysteria Mode (ヒステリアモード)
  9. Frustrated! Aria (イライラ!アリア)
  10. Academy Island (学園島)
  11. Spring Arrives to Kinji! (キンジに春が来た!)
  12. You, Become My Slave! (あんた、あたしの奴隷になりなさい!)
  13. I Can't Eat Peach Buns! (ももまん食べたい!)
  14. I'll Stay Here! (泊まってく!)
  15. Deluded Shirayuki (妄想白雪)
  16. Weapon Seizing (武器強奪作戦)
  17. Show Me the Breakfast! (朝ご飯出しなさい!)
  18. Tokyo Butei High (東京武偵高)
  19. Riko Enters (理子登場)
  20. Reki, Fire! (レキ、発砲!)
  21. I Don't Have Much Time... (私には、時間がない…。)
  22. Interview (面会)
  23. Partner's Anguish (パートナーへの苦悩)
  24. Proof of False Charge (冤罪の証明)
  25. Riko's Inquiry (理子の調査)
  26. It's Hopeless... (もう駄目だ…。)
  27. Something's Different! (何かが違う!)
  28. Come Hither! (こっちにおいで!)
  29. Ki, Kin-cha~ ~ ~n!! (キ、キンちゃ~ ~ ~ん!!)
  30. Faint Hope (微かな希望)
  31. Protect Aria! (アリアを守る!)
  32. Demon Sword (魔剣)
  33. Hope (希望)
  34. If This Goes On, It's Gonna Be Bad! (このままじゃいけない!)
  35. Hole (風穴)
  36. Infinite Sin 1 (無限罪1)
  37. Infinite Sin 2 (無限罪2)
  38. Mission Clear (ミッションクリア)
  39. Camellia no Hitomi (TV-SIZE MIX) (カメリアの瞳 (TV-SIZE MIX))

Notes Edit

  • Tracks 1, 3-38: Composed and arranged by Takumi Ozawa
  • Track 2: Lyrics by Akio Inoue, composed and arranged by Daisuke Asakura, performed by May'n
  • Track 39: Lyrics, composed and performed by Aiko Nakano, arranged by Yohgo Kohno

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