Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A
Aria aa logo
Kanji 緋弾のアリアAA
Romanji Hidan no Aria Dabur Ei
Genre Action, Comedy, School Life, Shoujou-Ai
Light Novel
Written by Chūgaku Akamatsu & Team Amica
Illustrated by Kobuichi
Published by Media Factory
Imprint MF Bunko J
Original Run January 25, 2015 – ongoing
Volumes 3 ~
Illustrated by Shogako Tachibana
Published by Media Factory
Magazine Young Gangan
Original Run November 5, 2010 – ongoing
Volumes 10
Directed by Takashi Kawabata
Produced by Keiichi Nozaki
Written by Fumihiko Shimo
Music by Takuro Iga
Studio Doga Kobo
Licensed by Funimation (NA)
Network T-X, Tokyo MX, SUN, KBS, TVA, BS11
Funimation (US)
Animax (UK)
Original Run October 6, 2015 – December 22, 2015
Episodes 12

Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A (緋弾のアリア AA Hidan no Aria Dabur Ei?) is a spin-off series from the original Hidan no Aria series by Chūgaku Akamatsu with illustrations by Kobuichi. Over 10 volumes have been published by Square Enix. The original manga adaptation by Yoshino Koyoka started serialization in the seinen manga magazine, Young Gangan on November 5, 2010. An anime adaptation was announced, and began airing on October 6, 2015.


Akari Mamiya is an Rank E freshman who looks up to her senior, the S-ranked Aria H. Kanzaki. They both attend Tokyo Butei High School, a school that trains its students as Armed Detectives otherwise known as "Butei" to society. Individual student training aside, the school employs the co-operative "Amica" system, allowing an underclassman to train alongside an upperclassman. Akari is determined to be paired with Aria.

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