Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A
Hidan no Aria AA Poster
Genre Action, Shoujou Ai
Anime Television Series
Directed by Takashi Watanabe
Produced by Keiichi Nozaki
Written by Masashi Sogo
Music Takurou Iga
Studio Doga Kobo
Licensed by Madman Entertainment (AUS)
Funimation (NA)
Manga Entertainment (UK)
Original Run October 6th, 2015 - December 22nd, 2015
Duration 24 minutes per episode
Rating PG-13
Theme Songs
Opening Bull's Eye
Ending Pulse

 Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A (緋弾のアリアAA Hidan no Aria AA) is a Japanese manga series written by Chūgaku Akamatsu and illustrated by Shogako Tachibana. An anime adaptation aired between October 6, 2015 to December 22, 2015.


Akari Mamiya idolizes the world-renowned S-ranked butei Aria H. Kanzaki and plans to follow in her footsteps. However, her test grades her out as only an E-rank! All is not lost however, as Aria agrees to give her some pointers. Can Aria help this newcomer become a first-rate butei?

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  • Original Creator: Chūgaku Akamatsu
  • Original Character Design: Kobuichi
  • Director: Takashi Watanabe
  • Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
  • Original Character Design: Shogako Tachibana
  • Art Director: Teruhiko Niida
  • Music: Takuro Iga
  • Script: Masashi Sogo
  • Sound Director: Takahiro Enomoto

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See also: AA Manga and Anime Differences

The anime is a fairly loose adaptation of the manga.

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