Aria the Scarlet Ammo Double A (緋弾のアリアAA Hidan no Aria AA) is a Japanese manga series written by Chūgaku Akamatsu and illustrated by Shogako Tachibana. An anime adaptation aired between October 6, 2015 to December 22, 2015.


Akari Mamiya idolizes the world-renowned S-ranked butei Aria H. Kanzaki and plans to follow in her footsteps. However, her test grades her out as only an E-rank! All is not lost however, as Aria agrees to give her some pointers. Can Aria help this newcomer become a first-rate butei?

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  • Original Creator: Chūgaku Akamatsu
  • Original Character Design: Kobuichi
  • Director: Takashi Watanabe
  • Series Composition: Fumihiko Shimo
  • Original Character Design: Shogako Tachibana
  • Art Director: Teruhiko Niida
  • Music: Takuro Iga
  • Script: Masashi Sogo
  • Sound Director: Takahiro Enomoto

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See also: AA Manga and Anime Differences

The anime is a fairly loose adaptation of the manga.

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