Seiji Harada
Seiji harada
Name in Japanese 原田 静刃
Romaji Translation Harada Seiji
Debut (Light Novel) Yagate Maken no Alicebell 1
Volume 14 - Aquamarine Kreuz
Debut (Manga) Yagate Maken no Alicebell 1
Appears in Light Novel and Manga
Personal Info
Gender Male
Nationality Japanese
Classification Ranban
Title (s) 妖刕 (Youtou)
Status Alive

Eye of Vermillion

Equipment Inventory

Katana "Youtou"
Katana "Kokuto"
"Taurus Raging Bull" Revolver
Winchester M1887 Shotgun


Inori Harada (Younger Sister)

...Thanks for the gun, I'll make use of it

–Seiji Harada

Seiji Harada (原田 静刃 Harada Seiji?) is the protagonist of Akamatsu Chūgaku's other novel Yagate Maken no Alicebell and a recurring character in the Hidan no Aria series. After failing his high entrance exams and escalated into Inou High, he came across Alicebell Tachibana Binyan whom their encounter changes his destiny.

In Volume 14, he and Alicebell duel against Aria and Kinji.


Harada wears dark clothing including black boots, black coat that covers his mouth, and two katanas on his back.


Background Edit


  • He is Kinji Tohyama's counterpart in the Akamatsu Chūgaku's other novel, Hidan no Aria through the following similarities.
    • Both have burdened pasts that holds back their hidden potential.
    • Both are fighting prodigies with superhuman abilities.
    • Proficient in both marksmanship and swordsmanship, earning the nickname "Quadra."
    • Both can be victims of misfortune when dealing with their respective heroine partner's ferocious.


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