Episode 12: Vlad
Air Date July 1, 2011
Kanji ブラド
Adapted from Volume 3
Episode Director Yorifusa Yamaguchi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Screenplay Shogo Yasukawa
Animation Director Kazuyuki Ibai, Kazuyuki Yamayoshi, Megumi Noda, Yoshinori Deno, Yuka Takemori
Opening Scarlet Ballet
Ending Camellia no Hitomi
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 Vlad is the twelfth and final episode for Hidan no Aria. It was aired on July 1, 2011.


Aria and Kinji have been double crossed. Not only has Riko turned on them, but also the rosary is what unlocks her powers! Once again against the Phantom Thief, can the duo hope to defeat her? More importantly, can they defeat an even greater threat that is about to come upon them?


In order to surpass her ancestors, Riko declared that she has to defeat Kinji and Aria. Then, Riko was tasered and knock out from behind by their teacher, Sayonaki. He revealed to them that he has performing genetic research on human and was the one who kept Riko in captivity. He continues to torment Riko who was helpless and tells them that Vlad is summon by the sound of despair. Sayonaki then transform into a Vlad, a beast, as Aria and Kinji fire bullets that showed ineffective. They discover that Sayonaki is just a shell that Vlad created. Vlad tells them that he’s an Ogre Vampire who has harvest genes to eliminate his weakness. Kinji saves Riko from Vlad’s grips as Aria tries to break the marks on Vlad’s body. Kinji drop of Riko and her rosary on the other side of the roof and she tells them where she believed the fourth mark is on Vlad. Their first attempt failed as the fourth mark proof to be false. Kinji’s Hysteria Mode was spelled by Vlad and he was knocked over the edge of the roof. Riko saves him with her parachute and returns to the roof to save Aria. They help Kinji re-enter Hysteria Mode so that he can make a plan to kill Vlad. Kinji then figures out the fourth mark, on his tongue, and the three of them successfully kill Vlad with their remaining bullets. Riko has come to an understanding that she has surpassed her ancestor my defeating Vlad. Afterwards, Riko testifies in order to help lower Aria's mother's sentence.

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