Episode 11: Vlad
Air Date July 1, 2011
Kanji 潜入
Adapted from Volume 3
Episode Director Yorifusa Yamaguchi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Screenplay Shogo Yasukawa
Animation Director Kazuyuki Ibai, Kazuyuki Yamayoshi, Megumi Noda, Yoshinori Deno, Yuka Takemori
Opening Scarlet Ballet
Ending Camellia no Hitomi
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 Infiltration is the Eleventh episode of Hidan no Aria. It was aired on July 1, 2011


The heist is on! Kinji and Aria have successfully infiltrated as servants for Vlad's mansion. Despite Vlad being absent and their biology teacher, Sayonaki, currently mannaging it, the duo must tread carefully to find their objective. What dark secrets does Vlad's mansion hold?


Aria continues her training as a maid with Riko. Later, Kinji and Aria meet up with Riko who disguised herself to be an employment agency and leads the two to the mansion. To their surprise, they found their teacher, Sayonaki to be managing the mansion and claim to be just using it to help research. Following the next two weeks of working at the mansion, the two learned the location of Riko’s rosary and the security system that guards it. After discussing with Riko, they begin to execute their plans on the final day of work. Aria was able to distract Sayonaki long enough for Kinji to steal the rosary and replace it with a fake one, completing their mission, but only with the help of Riko, as she helped Kinji into Hysteria Mode. Later, Sayonaki gives them his farewells, as their 2 week job is over. Later still, on the roof top of a building, Kinji gives Riko her rosary. Just then, Riko kisses Kinji, forcing him into Hysteria mode, and then turns against them, announcing that she will use the power of her rosary to defeat the two.




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