Episode 7: Caged Bird
Air Date May 27, 2011
Kanji 魔剣(デュランダル)
Adapted from Volume 2
Episode Director Yorifusa Yamaguchi
Storyboard Takashi Watanabe
Screenplay Shogo Yasukawa
Animation Director Kazuyuki Ibai, Kazuyuki Yamayoshi, Megumi Noda, Yoshinori Deno, Yuka Takemori
Opening Scarlet Ballet
Ending Camellia no Hitomi
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Caged Bird is the seventh episode of the Hidan no Aria anime. It was aired on May 27, 2011.


Aria and Kinji have terminated their contract, leaving only Kinji to guard Shirayuki. Despite not believing in Durandal's existence, Kinji continues to protect and serve Shirayuki - be it a date to a festival or guarding her during the upcoming festival. 


Recovering from a cold, Kinji continues his training with Aria, in case Durandal shows up. Soon, the two get into a fight as Kinji believes that Aria was lying about Durandal’s existence. Shirayuki explains to Kinji how Hotogi are restricted to venture out of the shrine but she wanted to see the firework festivities. Later Kinji suggests that the two should go to the fireworks festivities, to which Shirauki agrees, knowing she’s breaking the Shrine’s rules. Later during that night, Shirayuki receives a text message that she decides to keep hidden. The following day at school, Shirayuki suddenly disappeared. With the help of Reki, Kinji was able to locate Shirayuki in the basement of a warehouse. While hiding, Kinji discovers Shirayuki negotiating with the hidden Durandal in order to protect the school. It is revealed that the text message and fake calls for help (from Ep. 5) were from Durandal. Kinji jumps in to rescue Skirayuku but is quickly pined down by Durandal.


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