Connect Division
Kanji Translation 通信学部
Romanji Translation Tsūshin Gaxubu
Undergradutate Programs Connect (諜報科)
Informa (尋問科)
Region Global
Overview Connect
  • Usage of data storage devices
  • Assessment the situation from obtained info
  • Practices of honed intuition
  • Memory Exercises
  • Usage of external connections
  • Broadcasting of certified info


  • Organization of given data from Connect
  • Understanding of various data processors
  • Transference of critical data within school area
  • Administrating of the school network to sort data for given time and location.
List of Attendants
Members Connect


The Connect Division (通信学部 Chōhō Gaxubu?) emphasizes on communication methodology and the integration of information.

Connect (通信科)Edit

To understand the usage of collecting/providing information using communication devices as a backup. In particular, the students are evaluated from their judgement abilities from their good hearing, judgment and translation of voices through correct frequencies.


  • All students in the department are assessed from their abilities to decipher and analyze large amounts of information.
  • The important criteria are given to be broadcasted to the whole school community in emergencies.

Informa (情報科)Edit

Members are in charge of compiling and sorting informations using data processing equipments. From among the large number of integrated fodder of information, how to organize by selecting important is taught. Various info are submitted into reports, and given within school area, bringing students and teachers active roles all around. They are also the Butei network bureaucrats for the school intranet, posting announcements and crime information from the Academic Affairs Department.

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