Camellia no Hitomi album cover.

Camellia no Hitomi (カメリアの瞳 Camellia Eyes) is the ending theme of the anime adaption of Aria The Scarlet Ammo.

Single InformationEdit

  • Release Date: May 11, 2011
  • Published By: Flying DOG (distributed by Victor Entertainment)
  • Release Price: ¥1,155


  1. Camellia no Hitomi
  2. Deep Forest.
  3. Camellia no Hitomi (Instrumental)
  4. Deep Forest. (Instrumental)


限界までギリギリのDistance. いつだって一人走った
間に合うわ 今ならば 引き返せばいい
さよならには慣れていた あの日出逢うまで
ずっとずっと待っていた気がした 信じたいよ
What will be the final ??
境界線すれすれのShow time. 突然の変化はやめて
さよならはもう聞きたくない あの日出逢ったから
嘘つけば風穴よAre you ready? ついておいで覚悟を決めて
キミがいなくなる そう知った時怖くなった
いつのまにか築かれた絆が導くMake way.
What will be the final ?? カメリアの瞳で

Our Distance was up to the very edge of the limit. I always ran alone
Do I get in your way? If you think so
Then there’s still time; you should turn back now
I was used to goodbyes, until I met you on that day
“I want to protect you”– It’s the first time I’ve heard those words
I felt like I’d waited forever and ever for you, so I want to believe in you
What will be the final??
The Show time is on the very verge of the boundary. So stop changing suddenly
When you think it’s miserable
I can’t grasp you at all, because you show an expression like that
I don’t want to hear ‘goodbye’ anymore, because I met you on that day
“I’ll be by your side”– I’m being sassy, but I’ll test you on that
If you’re lying, I’ll blast holes in you– Are you ready? Come with me and get ready
We missed the critical point, so will we still be connected? Or part? Something will change
You’re gone, and when I realized it, I got scared
Our bond, built while I didn’t notice it, will guide me; Make way.
“I want to protect you”– It’s the first time I’ve heard those words
The client who won’t allow any failures is I myself
What will be the final?? With camellia eyes

Trivia Edit

  • Lyrics, composed and performed by Aiko Nakano
  • Arranged by Yohgo Kohno