Kinji Tohyama, an S-Rank Butei

The Butei Rank (武偵ランク Butei Rank?) is a criteria system for all Butei students to determine how capable with their abilities.


Following the normal ranks (E to A), the results depend from the accumulated credits from the number of quests taken, and the medium grade of all mid-terms and final exams taken. 

  • E-Rank: The most basic rank all potential Butei have before entrance exams
  • D-Rank
    • Notable Butei: Akari Mamiya (Assault, anime only)
  • C-Rank
  • B-Rank
  • A-Rank: The highest possible credit based rank
  • S-Rank: A special rank given to A-Ranking Butei who have greatly excelled at their field. It is purely performanced based.
    • Notable Butei
  • R-Rank: A near mythical rank given to Butei directly from their governments. Their numbers are few and far between, but their power levels are far beyond S-Ranks with some saying an R-Rank could take down a small country's army alone


  • In total there are only 7 R-Rank butei, with one of them being Kinzou
  • According to Watson's data, only 712 S-rank butei exist throughout the world
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