Butei Law

Japanese Butei Charter

Also referred to as the Butei Charter, these laws were founded by the IADA (Intergovernmental Armed Detective Alliance) (国際武偵連盟 Kokusai Butei Renmei?) govern the actions of Butei across the world. Each country has their own separate articles and provisions, so Butei on overseas assignments adhere to the law of the land their license is from. 

Butei Law ArticlesEdit

Japanese LawEdit

1. Believe in your comrades and help each other. 
2. You must fulfill the contract in the commission. No matter what.
3. You must become stronger. But above all, you must support justice.
4. A Butei is self-reliant. Do not interfere without a request for help.
5. Act swiftly. First action is the essence of certain victory.
6. Think for yourself, act for yourself.
7. Plan with pessimism, act with optimism.
8. A mission is accomplished when it is completely finished.
9. Launch out into the world. Fight together, irrespective of race or nationality.
10. Never Give up, A Butei must never ever give up.

District of Columbia Law (Washington D.C, United States)Edit

Article 5509D, Law Article 8807; For Butei licenses obtained in Washington DC, regardless of any circumstance, Butei cannot kill people


  • Despite her license originating from England, Aria follows the Japanese Butei article of forbiding the act of killing suspects 
  • The Tohyama half siblings, Kaname and Kinzou, hold American licenses
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