Butei Uniform
Butei Uniform


Advanced Ballistic weaving


Bullet proof (of low caliber rounds)
Temperature resistant
Slash Resistant
Impact Resistant


All Butei Academy Students

 The standard issue outfit of all Butei students during their time at Butei Academy. On the surface, it's no different than a normal school's uniform. However, each uniform has been adapted to serve the students for the dangers they face every day.


Female Butei uniforms consist of a short red skirt and white, long-sleeved sailor uniform. The uniform's collar is red and sports two white stripes. Instead of a bow, the uniform has a red tie. 

Male Butei uniforms consist of a burgandy sports coat that has two white stripes along its cuffs and collar over a white dress shirt. Pants are typically dark colors such as black or gray. The uniform sports a solid red tie.

It would appear there is no strict dress code to go along with wearing the uniform. Numerous male characters wear the tie loosely or not at all while females can modify their uniforms. It should also be noted that there appears to be no distinction between uniforms of different grade levels, meaining all uniforms are identical whereas normal schools would have a different color tie or ribbon to distinguish classes.


Butei unifroms are lightweight and flexible, allowing the wearer to respond to incoming  attacks without limiting their mobility. The uniforms are also bullet proof, turning most small arms fire into blunt impact weapons. To a certain degree, they are weather and temperature proof. 

The uniforms are also slash proof. Shino Sasaki claimed a slash would, at most, break someone's ribs of the strike had enough force. The tie is also slash proof as shown when Akari Mamiya used it to catch and disarm Shino's sword. 


The uniforms are obviously not invincible. A butei uniform cannot take sustained small arms fire as it does not fully reduce the impact of the bullet. Also, the hands, neck, and head areas (and legs for females) are still exposed. A close range shot or heavier callibur round can inflict massive blunt force trauma or even outright shred through the uniform, potentially killing the wearer. 

Butei uniform are also not adept for swimming and actually weighs the user down slightly more than a normal school's uniform.


  • Summer Uniform: A blue varriant. For the girls, it has short sleeves and has a bow instead of a tie. For boys, there is no sportscoat and short sleeved shits are issued.
  • Nero Uniform: A ceremonial black version of the uniform commonly used in the Headquarters in Rome. Not typically used in combat due to its more formal purpose
  • Gothic Lolita: Riko Mine and Kirin Shima modified their uniforms to resemble this style. For Riko's in particular, it is able to transform into a parachute. 
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