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Butei Aria and Kinji
OmNiAdded by OmNi
Butei (武装探偵, Busou Tantei, lit. "Armed Detective"), is a national qualification created to combat the worsening crime rate. The Butei are allowed to bear arms and arrest people. They'll take on any job for money, so long as it falls within the "Butei Law".

The training facility is in Tokyo Bay for the unique purpose of training Butei, Tokyo Butei High School nicknamed "Academy Island".


The Butei Charter says: 'Trust your friends and help your friends', one of the
Butei Logo
Butei Logo
Hunter JonyAdded by Hunter Jony
most important phrase in the story. There are others laws that are very important, probably now the most related with the history is the Butei Law 9: "A Butei cannot kill".
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