• Alucards Flame

    Hello Wikia~!

    I finally got my hands on the first 10 volumes of the Hidan no Aria light novel, so if you need them I hook you up. Volume 10, however, is a rough translation so don't expect too much from it

    I also mentioned I had some raws for you - and those raws are for the Hidan no Aria AA manga. There is someone working on the translation, Not a Real Scan I think is their name, but if you're impatient I have the raws if you want them.

    That's all for now, I'm still trying to find the raws for the main series manga so I'll keep the wikia posted if I can find them.

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  • Alucards Flame

    Adopting the Wiki

    December 29, 2015 by Alucards Flame

    Due to the long standing absence of the sole admin and founder, I'm petitioning to become an admin. This is a great wiki, we've got a lot going for it especially with Hidan no Aria AA recently finished airing, and it being pretty popular back in Japan (fingers crossed for another season). So hopefully all this buzz generates more popularity for the series and buzz for the wiki.

    With that being said, someone needs to get rid of all these junk, miscelaneous, and rudundant pages. Initially I was planning on repurposing them but with only the first 10 volumes translated I'm running low on content to repuspose it for so we have to trim off the excess.

    If they are any objections, feel free to comment.

    OmNi , since you are the sole owner and admin f…

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  • Alucards Flame

    Source Material

    December 15, 2015 by Alucards Flame

    If anyone has the source material, please do notify me. I'm extremely interested in finding the light novels beyond Volume 10.

    If anyone has the manga raws for either the main series or AA, I suppose I could take a crack at translating it. I'm no expert, but it doesn't look like any fan translators are working on it so I'd be willling to do it on my free time

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  • Whiteknight810210

    Hi, I see youre uploading the novel summaries up to where Baka-tsuki ahlted the project. I was considering that users shouldn't read such long pages, just one chapter at a time. Just to let you know, I've created the Volume Template for the novels and manga to use whenever you wish. Plus the chapter pages should have its own navigation template, and the pages titled "(Vol #)-Prologue: ~~", and so forth. Let me know, cause I think this wiki is in dire need of more pages.

    Whiteknight810210 (talk) 17:18, October 7, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Bashiek

    Hello everyone. I was looking for anyone who has the translations or summaries of Volume 11 onward. I really want to know if anyone knows what happened with Kinji's brother. Also can anyone tell me which chapter in the manga does his brother make his first appearance? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • Wraiyf

    Light Novel Volumes

    October 24, 2013 by Wraiyf

    So I've got Volumes 1-10 translated PDFs, and now I'm depressed as I can't read on as isomer have Volume 11 + Anyways, if anyone has Volume 11 + translated let me know! and if you need volumes 1-10 let me know and I'll post my MediaFire links for them.

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  • Kinji3142


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  • Allenallenallen333

    I haven't read the novel so I do not know about it, but I have read the Manga and watched the Anime.

    During the bus hijack, Aria used a helicopter in the Manga but she used a car instead in the Anime. In my opinion, the helicopter would be much cooler than the car.

    I have to say that Reki looks freaking awesome in the Anime compared to the Manga.

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  • Allenallenallen333

    I edited an artwork provided by the official site of Hidan no Aria.

    First picture: I added rain.

    Second picture: I added pink glow.

    They are not some amazing edits. They are just quick and small edits.

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