Bandire (宣戦会議(バンディーレ) Pandiirre?) is the ancient declaration term for the war meeting of the upcoming war after the collapse of IU and its leader's defeat. The world's underground societies and organisations battle against each other, under the necessity of forming alliances, separate groups against one another, a fierce competition for the vast control of power. Ambassadors of the agencies, societies, and organizations from all around the world gather to the meeting to determine which alliance a group should join and compete.

The 3 PactsEdit

In Volume 8, Chapter 1; Jeanne recites the 3 clauses from the previous Bandire 86 years ago.

  1. No matter the time, anyone can declare war upon anyone. The battle is something that will conform to the rules of a confrontation, but surprise attacks, sneak attacks, spying, use of magic, and insults are allowed.
  2. For the sake of avoiding boundless slaughter, the use of ordinary soldiers who are unworthy of the confrontation is forbidden. This takes priority over clause one.
  3. The battle will primarily be split into two alliances, Deen (Unit) (師団 Shidan?) and Grenada (Kin) (眷属 Kenzoku?). These ancient names are maintained as a sign of respect for the previous generations of fighters who had come before us, it is something that is not to be changed for all eternity.

Deen (Unit)Edit

Grenada (Kin)Edit


The Far East Warfare (FEW) (極東戦役?)


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