The Assault Division (強襲学部 Kyōjū Gakubu?) emphasizes on advanced combat education through the following undergraduate departments: Assault and Snipe.

Assault (強襲科)Edit

Also known as the "Department With No Tomorrow", is the most dangerous department in Butei High, with 3 out of 100 students enrolled in the program not surviving to graduation. Members of Assault perform mid-to-close-range combat in various operations. They specialize in the usage of handguns, swords and other complex weapons.

A typical day for Assault Butei is usually firing range practice, hand-to-hand combat and live drills. More often than not students are dispatched to respond to crimes in progress, putting them in very dangerous situations where injury or death are a high possibility. In spite of this, 97.1% survie and graduate. Though, this risk of death comapred to the other courses as earned it the title of "the course without a future."

Snipe (狙撃科)Edit

The Snipe expertise focuses in educating the department long range distance support by using sniping weapons. Snipe requires extreme amounts of concentration, and enrolled students usually develop a strong sense of resolve, with a tendency to be unmoved by obstacles. Their course work is very similar to Assaults with an emphasis on firing range practice rather than hand-to-hand combat. 


  • A single S-Rank Butei in Assault is strong enough to take on a group of soldiers by themselves
  • Kinji once noted Lezzad Butei are the only Butei that can beat an Assault Butei
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