Assault Division
Kanji Translation 強襲学部
Romanji Translation Kyōjū Gaxubu
Undergradutate Programs Assault (強襲科)
Snipe (狙撃科)
Affiliations All Butei Schools
Region Global
Overview Assault
  • Proper handling of guns, bladed melee weapons, etc.
  • Competitive combat exercises
  • Assault tactics training


  • Sniping
  • Observation
  • Remote combat support training
List of Attendants
Instructor Ranbyou (Assault)
Nangou (Snipe)
Members Assault


The Assault Division (強襲学部 Kyōjū Gakubu?) emphasizes on advanced combat education through the following undergraduate departments: Assault and Snipe.

Assault (強襲科)Edit

Also known as the "Department With No Tomorrow", is the most dangerous department in Butei High, with 3 out of 100 students enrolled in the program not surviving to graduation. Members of Assault perform mid-to-close-range combat in various operations. They specialize in the usage of handguns, swords and other complex weapons.


  • Judging by fighting strength, a single S-Rank Assault Butei has the fighting strength of a whole battery of troops.
  • The normal day for an enrollee of the Assault program often consists of getting put into dangerous situations, involving violent combat and fighting criminal organizations, making it the riskiest Butei program.
  • Completion rate among students is 97.1%, with a 3% mortality rate. This earns Assault the title "the course without a future".
  • Kinji noted in Volume 12 that Butei's in Assault are weak against Butei's in Lezzad.

Snipe (狙撃科)Edit

The Snipe expertise focuses in educating the department long range distance support by using sniping weapons.


  • Reki is the only noted character enrolled in Snipe.
  • Sniping requires extreme amounts of concentration, and students enrolled in Snipe usually develop a strong sense of resolve, with a tendency to be unmoved by obstacles.
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