• Two Custom, Colt Government Model M1911
  • Two twin Kodachi
  • Hover Skirt YHS/0

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Firearms Usage: Aria is very proficient at using fire arms and is skilled enough to effectively and accurately dual-wield her pistols.
  • Aria action shot
    Close Quarters Combat: Aria appears to be proficient in Vale Tudo, a Brazilian martial art that specializes in full body grappling and striking techniques. Despite her small stature, she is exceptionally strong and is capable of performing acrobatic feats. Her small stature is also one of her best advantages as she can strike and disengage quickly.
  • Aru=Kata: Combining her expertise with her pistols and proficiency in Vale Tudo, Aria is deadly in Aru=Kata, the art of fighting at close combat with fire arms. She's able to effectively wield her pistols as both melee weapons to hook and disarm opponents in addition to being able to control her accuracy in very close quarters. 
  • Baritsu: A hand-to-hand combat style perfected by Sherlock Holmes and passed down throughout her family.  
  • Quadra Proficiency: Earning her the title of "Quadra," Aria is very skilled in the use of her twin Kodachi. Much like her pistols, she wields both swords in combat.Though, she has yet to be seen using a pistol and sword in combat
  • Holmes Intuition: Being a descendant of Sherlock Holmes, Aria possesses the intuition members of the Holmes bloodline has. However due to her unusually hot-headed and short tempered personality, her deduction skills aren't particularly good. Explaining or breaking down the situation is difficult for her due to being unable to properly clam herself down, often resulting in confusing or poorly worded conclusions.

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