Alicebell Tachibana Binyan
Alicebell tachibana binyan
Name in Japanese 立花・氷焔・アリスベル
Romaji Translation Tachibana Biinyan Arisuberu
Debut (Light Novel) Yagate Maken no Alicebell 1
Volume 14 - Aquamarine Kreuz
Debut (Manga) Yagate Maken no Alicebell 1
Appears in Light Novel, Manga
Personal Info
Gender Female
Birthday December 1
Nationality Hong Kong
Title (s) Samurai Girl
魔剱 (Maken)
Status Alive


Equipment Inventory

Ark Sword "Circle Edge"


Unknown Parents

Alicebell Tachibana Binyan (立花・氷焔・アリスベル Tachibana Biinyan Arisuberu?) is the heroine of Akamatsu Chūgaku's other novel Yagate Maken no Alicebell. A former Hong Kong celebrity who fought until she wandered into Okinawa, Japan. She fell in love with Harada Seiji, after saving her life twice and thus forming the dynamic duo of their story.

In Volume 14, she and Seiji duel against Aria and Kinji.


She has long black hair that is tied in twintails. She has blue eyes and she's wearing a female butuei uniform.



  • She is Kanzaki H. Aria's counterpart in the Akamatsu Chūgaku's other novel, Hidan no Aria through the following similarities.
    • Both are Loli girls with long pigtails.
    • Both are fighting prodigies with superhuman abilities.
    • Thoroughbred nobilities from their native birth countries.
    • Both are tsundere-types, cause their ferocious temper deals misfortune with their respective protagonist partner.


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