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First Quarter ArcEdit

Akari first appears waking up from a dream in her family home. Because of the dream, she inadvertently kicked her sister Nonoka in the face when she was attempting to wake her up since she was late.

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GIII League ArcEdit

Akari primarily stayed inactive during the events of the arc despite Aria being one of the victims of Kaname's attack, causing her to be hospitalized. However Akari, along with Mutou, arrive after Kaname's defeat in the Lumberjack as per request of Kinji to provide snacks as they were under the impression that the Lumberjack participants were watching the moon.

The following day, Akari and Kaname started to hang out with each other because of their mutual goal; keeping Aria and Kinji separated from each other. Their alliance make its first bit of progress when they separated Aria and Kinji at the Sport's Festival the next day.

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