• Micro Uzi
  • Tactical Knife
  • Colt Government Model M1911 (Anime only)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Firearms Usage: At first, Akari appears to be terrible at handling weapons. During a mock battle, she failed to even graze Urara Takachiho who remained completely static. In Home Visit, however, it is revealed she is actually very proficient in using firearms when she was able to strike a test dummy in both eyes, the head, throat, and heart without looking. Her proficiency is the result of her upbringing as a member of the Mamiya clan
  • Tobi-Ugachi: Akari is trained in Tobi-Ugachi, a killing technique that is used by shinobi in order to disembowel their targets with their bare hands. Not wanting to use it for a lethal purpose, Akari adapted the art in order to neutralize rather than kill. The first instance of this was when she managed to snatch her Amica request form back from Raika, who towers above her by at least a foot and is physically the strongest in her group of friends. Mont notably, she snatched the keys out of the ignition of a moving car as she was struck which surprised even Aria. However, it would appear that the skill is a purely defensive skill. During the final minutes of the Amica trial, Akari asked to Aria to strike first - that resulted in Akari successfully taking the emblem - but when Aria challenged her to steal her gun back, attempt after attempt was thwarted by Aria thus indicating the technique is meant to be used to turn an assailant's momentum against them.
  • Endurance: Akari has been shown to have quite a sturdy body. After she was struck by a speeding vehicle, she reacted to it as if she took a hit to the back of the head. She's also been shown to keep up with Aria to some degree, albeit with a lot more difficulty and less finesse.
  • (Anime Only) Choutei: Akari has been shown to occasionally manipulate electricity with her bare hands. When Urara was stuck in a barrel as the work scaffolding around them was collapsing, Akari destroyed the barrel in a bright flash of light after attempting to call upon a spark. 

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